Taking the survival guide one step further

Hi All,

I know a lot of us are in “Create” season. Today we did the “survival guide” but I paused after we looked at algorithms and asked students to go back and find an algorithm that they had already written that might meet the criteria set by the College Board. I had them look in their image scroller app, the color sleuth app, and a “skill practice app” I had them make as a project.

Students had to copy and paste their algorithm (or, really 3 algorithms - one parent and 2 child algorithms) into google classroom. Then students had to find 2 algorithms that met the criteria and one algorithm that fell short. I handed out candy to everyone who submitted one that students identified as “not quite right” as well as to anyone who could “workshop” the algorithm to make it fit the criteria. I tried to normalize/celebrate mistakes and not shame the students who maybe missed the mark - the whole class learns more when mistakes are made.

It was actually one of the better conversations we have had in class recently so I thought I would share it here too. Maybe it would be helpful in your classrooms!


You have so many good ideas. I’m going to save this for next year as I’m sure it was very useful.

Quick question. Do students have to put an oval/rectangle around the code in the main .pdf file of the program code or in the written answer section where they’re writing about their algorithms/abstractions?

Thanks for sharing this. I am already planning for next year. Trying to find ways to do almost everything better. :dizzy_face: