Teacher DashBoard Issues


I am not able to hide or make visible the different parts of the the Units. I am trying to make the course visible to students but not having any success. Currently my students can only see Chapters 1 and 2 only. Any suggestions/tips as to what I’m doing wrong? We are using Windows 7 and Chrome browser.


Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Here’s an article about hiding units, and if this doesn’t work, please reach out to support@code.org so our team can investigate further. Thanks!


I am having the same issue. Students have completed CSD units 1 and 2 and I assigned 3 but they don’t see it on their dashboard. When they log in, it takes them to U3L01 with a message that “your teacher doesn’t want you to be here” and a continue button, which takes them to a screen only showing Units 1 and 2. Help!


pbarrios: I think I found the problem. Even though I assigned the unit, it was still hidden. When you go to the hide/unhide page, the buttons are all grayed out until you select a section. Select the section your students are in from the dropdown, and then click on the visible button. This worked for me.