Visible/Hidden option not available

Any reason why I am not able to make a lesson visible? The boxes are not there. And the students cannot see the last lesson. What did I do to mess that up and how do I fix it?

Hi @paige.parker, Can you give us a few more details? Is this for CSP or CSD? What unit/lesson are you looking at?

My initial thought is that you might not be logged in to your teacher account (and instead are logged into a different account).

Some other ideas are:

  • Make sure you have the course selected on the top right hand corner of the page you are on. You need to select a course before locking/unlocking materials. (see the image below where it says “select section” - without a section selected you cannot change what is visible).

  • Check to see that you have the unit un-hidden (not just the lessons) - that was my issue before. In the screen shot above you can see that the units can be hidden too (not just individual lessons).

Let us know if any of those help! I will check the forum again tomorrow morning if you have any clarifying questions!

I figured it out. I had added another section because a student was behind and I wanted to give him access to previous assignments that are now hidden. That was the problem. I needed to select a section. Thanks!!

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