Teacher Log Archive for tracking and documenting Inappropriate Activity

Hi Group,

I was monitoring the teacher log while the students were working because I have a few that like to throw in inappropriate comments. Of course, this particular student knows more about computers than I do and managed to clear his log somehow so I couldn’t view his messages anymore… Not sure what he did but it would be nice to see log of every message archived instead of a live look into what’s going on. Or maybe I’m missing something.


Welcome to the forum! Thank you for your suggestion. :grinning: I will pass it on to the team.

Hi @jschumacher,

That’s odd, I didn’t know the teacher log could be altered by students.

To be clear, are you referring to the teacher log accessed here? (Notice the label “Teacher View”)

It should capture all activity taking place during that session and looks something like this:

Also notice it includes a “Sent By” column so you know which code.org account it came from.

I had the room participants clear their own logs and disconnect from the activity. The same log remained. What’s weird that I’ve never noticed was I had every participant leave the activity (including closing the lobby), including my teacher account leaving… then rejoined the activity a few seconds later and the same log remained. I’m wondering what actually triggers it to clear eventually.

Anyway, is this the log you were referring to?


Yes! That is the log I was referring to.

I know for sure the log is cleared if you hit the “Reset Simulation” button at the top - Beyond that, the log exists for a while but I don’t know how long that is. I have never seen anyone be able to clear out their part of the log. Would like to know the details of how that’s done.