Multiple Student Logins - Class account vs. Personal

I set up 3 classes of approximately 15-20 students each, and I used the “secret words” approach so that I could set them up before the start of school. However, many of the students “forget” their logins, and when they are logged out automatically, they have saved their other logins to their browser. Unfortunately, in class, I do not have any way of knowing whether a student is currently logged into/working on the task for our class on a given day. This results in many of the students supposedly “doing” the work, but it showing up in our class as not completed/started. Is there a way for the teacher to see whether a student is actually “in” our class working, versus using their non-class account?

Hi @rwilliams,

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if it’s possible for teachers to see realtime if their students are logged into the accounts you set up for them?

Yes, that’s correct. Our students often use their school logins to set up new accounts, and save their logins/pws on their desktop. Therefore, when they access in class, they are able to see the lessons, but if they complete the lessons with those logins I cannot see any completed work. However, if I could see which students are logged into our classroom accounts that I set up for them, I could then redirect the other students to do so, rather than finding out after the fact when they say they’ve completed the lessons, but there is nothing completed when I go to look/grade the lessons/questions.