Teaching AP CSP in a 4x4 block

How do you handle teaching AP CSP in a 4x4 block, specifically the task in the spring? We are going to 4x4 this year and the plan is to teach AP CSP in the fall. We do have a daily flex (or increased learning time) of 30 minutes, so they could be assigned to that in the spring semester.

Or, does anyone else know of another way to accomplish this?

Hi @maryann.mckenney,

I don’t have experience with schedules aside from a traditional 6-period schedule, but here are some discussions about non-traditional schedules. Maybe there are some insights in there that are applicable to your situation:

In terms of submitting the performance task, it’s technically possible to have your students create their Digital Portfolio accounts, do the PTs and submit them by the end of fall (I’m pretty sure they email you an access code in time for that). It just seems a bit uncomfortable to submit these crucial projects so far ahead of time. Your students can also continue working on the PTs outside of class as long as they submit by the 4/30 deadline. They’ll also need to enter their AP number into the website before they submit (and they won’t have that number until April most likely). It’ll be inconvenient not being able to provide guidance the few weeks before submission, but maybe you can continue communication/reminders over email or your classroom management system if that exists, or have students drop by outside of class for assistance with directions.


Thanks!! This forum is awesome!

Did you come up with pacing for the 4x4 block? I am teaching APCSP in the spring of our 4x4 block and am concerned about time for the PTs

I know @lalamillo taught the curriculum in one semester this past year, but did it in the fall. Not sure if she might have insights for the spring, or just teaching the course in one semester in general.

Reviving an old thread to see if anyone has more ideas to share. My school is running a 4x4 schedule for the first time. Class meets five days per week for 80 minutes, but I will have only half my students in person, the other half via synchronous video. The semester ends the second week in January, so it is essentially 4 months. I’m worried about getting it all done! I think there is only one Performance Task this year, so that provides some relief. Double lessons for sure. On the bright side, with the ability for distance teaching/learning, we shouldn’t have any snow days! I look forward to any advice or ideas…

I just did some really high-level planning, and if we complete 8-9 lessons per week, we will finish by the end of our semester. Looking forward to starting! If anyone has tips, I would love to hear them.