Text Color not Changing - App Lab

My student is having trouble changing the text color on one of her app screens. We think she has coded it correctly.

Here is a screen shot of what she has filled in. The text is supposed to be that light green color.

The text you are seeing is placeholder text and the default color for that is gray. If you run and try to type in text, it appears in the desired color.

Hi @ebcalhoun,

Thanks for posting a link to the project code! That helps us troubleshoot code issues.

A common cause of text formatting not working is using the “Text Input” element instead of what the student probably meant to use - the “Label” element. “Text Input” isn’t meant to display text in any fancy way since its purpose is to allow the user to type something into the box (you can check this by running the program and clicking “Manage your money”… notice you can type text that replaces the placeholder text. Probably not what was intended. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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