Timeloop problem to fix?


I’m almost done with everything, but can’t fix one big issue with timeloop function. I don’t know how to reset my timer to 10 second again after I’m finishing my quiz when I click to start my game again by pressing the button “Start Again”. My timer 10 seconds is still going even I finished the quiz, and when I do second try the timer starts not from 10 but 7 or any different number. Can somebody please fix it, or explain the way?

My code below:


Hello @kinziashev.danil. During the Performance Task season the Code.org team can only offer limited assistance in debugging your code. If the tool is broken we’ll of course take a look but it sounds like you may just need help with using and understanding concepts. Our advice in this case is:

  • Try to make a simpler version of your project. In many cases your Create PT can earn full credit with simple functionality or only some features work.
  • Try making your project with different programming constructs with which you have experience
  • Use the documentation

Hope this helps get your Create PT back on track.