Iteration on the Create PT

Does a timed loop in the App Lab count as iteration for the Create PT?
Thank you!

No, I don’t think so. I tell them to use for loop or while loop.

That’s what I am thinking too. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that you may not tell your students whether specific types of code count for the Create PT or what types of code to use.

Please see the Course & Exam Description for specific details.

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–Michael K.

Yes, we know that. Please don’t insult us. The directions just says ITERATION.
Is a timed loop considered iteration for the exam or not. That is a valid student question that IS NOT ANSWERED ANYWHERE IN THEIR DIRECTIONS!

It is NOT in any of the College Board MC practice questions… I have done 100s of these stupid pseudocode questions with them. NO TIMED LOOPS.

We never practice timed loops in any of the lessons.
However, offers many additions in the App Lab to use in their projects and we love that. This is not telling them if specific line of code works… it’s a concept or block option in You can tell them if a timed loop counts or not when they are learning the excessivley long directions from the College Board. And I email them quetsions all the time… either takes 2 weeks for an answer or no response. Also I watched the 3 hours of vidoes about the Create PT too… no mention of this.

Hello, @mreckling I think I’ve answered this once before may i direct you to this: post, not sure if this applies either since this is AP stuff but i hope this helps

I think the information provided by the teacher here falls under general knowledge and explanation and not specific to the student’s app. My interpretation of the CB AP guidelines is that such instructions are permissible.

Hi @mreckling,

Yes, you are correct that you can tell them if things count as iteration when teaching them in class. However, as some schools are beginning to implement the Create PT now, I wanted to remind everyone that once implementation begins, teachers are not allowed to answer “does this count?” questions, even if that is allowed in a general discussion earlier in the year.

I apologize if it seemed like I was implying that you didn’t know this; that was not my intention. I was trying to make sure anyone else reading this post didn’t read any of the answers on here out of context and answer a question they weren’t supposed to. Reading it back I can see how the words I typed could be read differently than I intended to say them.

Thank you!