Tips for Getting Help in CSA

Welcome to the debugging category!
Debugging is a normal (and inevitable) part of learning how to code. This category is a place for the community to support each other through the process of finding and fixing problems in code. For more information on the debugging process, see Guide to Debugging .

How to get debugging help
Step 1: Provide the SHARE link for the project or lesson activity level (button is on the left of the top menu bar) - It is helpful to see and run the original code. Screenshots of code or code snippets do not always include the lines of code needed to find and isolate the bug.

Step 2: Answer the following questions: The more details you provide will help us understand your problem and speed up the process.

  • What do you intend or expect to happen?

  • What is actually happening?

  • What have you tried?

What to expect
Depending on the nature of the issue, you can expect one or more of the following responses from the community:

  • a request for additional information

  • an indication of whether this is a limitation of the platform or beyond the scope of our curricula

  • a suggestion of possible next steps for locating and/or fixing the bug

  • a discussion of the debugging process including useful strategies and common misconceptions

Posts in the debugging category should have the following pieces of information included so other teachers or our moderator team can best help you. Feel free to delete everything in brackets before posting your request for debugging help.

Link to the project or level: [replace with link to the curriculum or get the “Share” link to a project]

What I expect to happen: [replace with a detailed description of the behavior you’re trying to create]

What actually happens: [replace with a detailed description of what actually happens when the code runs including any errors or unexpected behavior]

What I’ve tried: [replace with a detailed description of what you’ve already tried to do to solve the problem]