Tips for turte coding on app lab

Hello, I was wondering how to use turtle code. I am not the best coder in the world, so I need some help on some other types of coding. I would also like tips for canvas, data, and functions. Don’t judge me :upside_down_face: Thanks!!

Hi @Aiden,

The previous version of the CS Principles course had some lessons on turtle code, starting with this one:

I think you should be able to access it, but let me know if you can’t.

That same unit later goes into functions. Be aware that that course is intended to be an in-person course. It includes many supports that allow you to learn most of it online independently, but if some things seem like they’re skipped or refer to in-class stuff, that is why.

There are some lessons that touch on canvas and data, but they’re buried much deeper in this course and the new version of the course, building on several layers of other concepts.

Meanwhile, I recommend seeing what you can get out of the documentation for the blocks in those toolboxes (you’ve probably already noticed when you hover over a block and click “See examples”).