Turtle coding in App Lab


Does turtle programming work in the full App lab? Can students use it for their Create PT? Thanks for any guidance.


Hi @aaron.galit,

Yes, turtle programming does work in the full App Lab. Students can use it for their create, but do keep in mind that their creation must have a “purpose” (via the rubric for 2A - row 1). SO… I think you can totally pull it off because in the scoring notes it says "Purpose means the intended goal or objective of the program. "

I suppose doing another digital scene is a bit removed from the “spirit” of the course, but I suspect that a student who does an all turtle program could get full credit if the write-up met the rubric’s requirements. For better or worse, the rubric leaves a lot of space for students to do a variety of programs - the writing is going to be the essential part (that is, the programming product doesn’t appear to matter much as long as an “algorithm” and “abstraction” are there).

Happy programming!


Thanks again for the response and help. I think my student’s purpose was to have different options of drawings created by several user inputs/choices. She was struggling to figure out how to get the turtle active on different screens.


Got it. My understanding is that the turtle can only be active on the FIRST screen. SO… if you want the inputs to impact the drawing, it needs to be drawn on the first screen which should still be possible, from the sound of the description.

I’ve heard that it is surprisingly difficult from an engineering perspective to get the turtle on every screen for code.org.

Do you think the work around will work, by having it all on one screen?


Sorry for my delayed update. My student just redirected all turtle drawing to screen 1 and she was very happy with the solution. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I have an unrelated question, since you seem to have a wealth of knowledge/understanding. One student put the oval and rectangle, but when she PDFed it, the oval was split between two pages. Is this an issue from the college board perspective. Thanks again for your help.


It is fine if it is split up over two pages.