No More Turtle?

I just did a quick look-over of the programming units, and I didn’t see anything using the “turtle” to draw (hopefully I missed something). In general, I’ve really liked the changes made to the curriculum this year, but I think the turtle really helped students prepare for the “robot” questions on the AP test. Other than assigning “Lightbot” practice on top of the units, does anyone have suggestions for how to prepare students for those questions, absent the turtle?

There is Karel programming on Codehs that you could use as practice problems once you have covered some programming concepts. The good thing is that it is graphics based and students will be able to see the dog (Karel) move around the screen.

Hi @johnstod,

If you’d like, you can still access the old version of the curriculum and do the turtle lessons:

Unit 3, 2019 curriculum (Turtle starts in lesson 4)

You can have your students manually access that link, or I believe you can assign them the old curriculum through your dashboard. However - caution - once your students access a lesson in the old curriculum, that curriculum will pop up on their dashboard. Both versions of the curriculum will be accessible to your students, but the problem is when students intend to access the new curriculum, they may accidentally click on the old curriculum and tell you they can’t find the assignment (or any other issue associated with clicking the wrong version).

We removed the Turtle unit for a number of reasons, one of which was we found students did not transfer their knowledge of loops to event-driven programming.

Students have the opportunity to practice robot-like questions in Loops Explore (Unit 5, Lesson 1).

We also found that with a solid foundation in programming, most students are able to reason through the robot questions by exam-time. For extra practice, I’d suggest using the formative question on AP Classroom.