App Lab: Event-Driven Programming or Self Paced Intro to Turtle?

I’m wondering if anyone uses both the Even-Driven Programming in App Lab and the Self-Paced Intro to Turtle Programming in App Lab lessons. If so; what order to go do them in? Should I just do one of them? If so; which one do you recommend?

Thank you!

Hi @jennifer.edwards,

Welcome to the forum! That’s a good question. I believe you are referencing THIS Turtle lesson. I can tell you, that lesson looks to be a part of a virtual lesson for Computer Science Principles which is an AP Computer Science Class intended for 9-12th grade. So, there are some advanced topics that happen pretty quick (like functions and loops). This may be fine for your students depending on their background and age. The Turtle lessons are fun because they are so visual but if this is the course you are looking at, it moves fast.

The group might be better able to help you if you let us know a little about your students? Are you teaching middle school or high school? Which other App Lab lesson are looking at? What prior experience do your students have with computer science and coding topics?

Look forward to helping you further.


Thank you so much. This helped. I was looking to do it as a stand-alone activity with my first-year classes.

Great! Glad it helped a bit. Good luck!

I’ve used the Event Driven Programming as a stand alone unit with my 7th and 8th graders before. They need a little guidance, but really enjoy the projects. They came up with some really creative stuff.