Event-driven programming in app lab

I am planning on skipping all or most of Unit 4 Chapter 1 and going right to Chapter 2. I understand that event-driven programming in app lab is a good intro. Are there any teacher resources associated with this self-paced module? Anything about it, anywhere?


Are you planning on using unit 4 before the Event-Driven Programming?

I ask because in unit 4, the focus is design and there really isn’t a programming element at all to unit 4. The students design an app and design a prototype (on paper), but don’t really program it at all whereas the event-driving programming in App Lab does introduce programming.

The Event-Driven Programming in App Lab was a module that was designed to help teachers in the pandemic (if I am recalling correctly as I don’t teach CSP), so it’s student facing for the most part.

You can find similar content in units 3-4 of the Computer Science Principles Curriculum with full teacher lesson plans.

Good luck!


Thank you. I was thinking that might be pandemic related… In a nutshell, I was not crazy about a lot of Unit 4 Chapter 1, so I am looking for some kind of intro to Chapter 2. I thought that might just be a good overview/Intro to app lab. But, because I could not find a lot, I wasn’t sure.