Self Paced Introduction to Turtle Programming In App Lab

So now that we are doing distance learning, I wanted to assign my class the Turtle Programming in App Lab course. For some reason, it won’t let me assign it to a class. When I am on the course and try to change it to the class it doesn’t stick. I tried to change it from my dashboard but the course isn’t listed as an option to assign. Any suggestions on how to get my students to this course?

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YES! I am running into the same difficulties. It doesn’t seem to be an assignable unit in any course, and it is not it’s own course either. I can go to the Self Paced Turtle page and switch through my sections, but I can’t go to my sections and find the Self Paced Turtle Course. Perhaps this is coming soon?

Hi @lora1670 and @clayton.sunding,

Thanks for reaching out. I have fixed the setting on our end which was preventing you from assigning the course. It will take a day or two for that change to be live. Let me know if you still can’t assign it tomorrow.



Awesome! It looks like it has gone through. I am able to assign the unit to class sections. Thanks for updating so quickly!