Tools to assess students doing the CSF @home

Hi, I’ve been a CodeORG CSF teacher for 3 years, so my 5th grader students have done pretty much every single puzzle from the courses D to F. Besides they know how to google the answers or go to the YouTube and watch walkthrough videos. Now they are working from home and assessment time is up!..

I downloaded the sprites for every single character from the repository in Github but is really time consuming to create our own levels. I use online assessment tools like Quizizz, Kahoot!, Socrative and Edulastic to create multiple choice tests from but it takes hours!!! to create an original test.

It would be amazing if CodeORG had a tool to enable teachers to create their own custom Bee and Maze lessons/tests with the set of blocks they want to use. I was thinking on the positive impact that this would give to this already wonderful platform. Have you ever thought about this? I’m a software developer and I would be more than happy to help if this project starts one day.

Also I want to help translating the courses since the Spanish version are not really accurate sometimes in some tools such as the PlayLab and other levels.

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Hi @gecheverry !
This is something we’ve been discussing internally, but we’re still very early in the process.We’d love to get more insights into what kind of features would enable you to do what you’re doing now with less headache involved. If you’re open to sharing more, send me a direct message and I’ll work to get you in touch with one of our product managers.
Mike, Curriculum Team

This is exactly the type of thing I have been looking for! You are right, creating tests takes FOREVER, and I do need to have some sort of summative assessment to report on. Being able to create my own Bee and Maze lessons/tests would be great, not just as a teacher (which would be amazing), but also for students to create for other students to try out and practice with. That would really help them make the connection to what a programmer does!