Top Unit (student favorite) for 8th Grade?

I’m teaching an 8th grade encore coding class that will only meet twice a week for approximately 42 minutes for a semester…its not meant to be a class that adds a lot of homework or is stressful, but a fun exposure to the world of coding. I’m having to piece together lessons since we don’t have a lot of time - what has been a hit with your 8th graders (or middle school in general)?

Hi @bnilsen,

I love the idea of an “Encore Coding Class”! I am leaning towards suggesting Unit 3. Kids can create a fun finished product in Chapter 1 so you should be able to finish a product in the time you have. I tell my kids they can make an interactive card OR game OR story. They have the skills to do all of them. In my class, at the end of the unit, we have “Arcade Day” where kids can play each other’s games and we vote on awards like: Most Creative, Most Addicting, Best Graphics/Images, Best Coding, Best Storyline, and Best Gameplay. Just some ideas:)

You really can’t go wrong with any of the units. I’m looking forward to hearing ideas from others!

Good luck!


Thank you! That’s what I’ve been leaning towards, as well! Or a combo of Unit 2 & Unit 3, only completing the first chapter of each.

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I’ve done that (first chapter of both) and found success.


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