Translated Slides Resource Bank?

Hi, I have started translating the slide decks into Spanish and Portuguese versions for my EL students, but it is a lot of work. I am using Google Translate, and I know that it is less than perfect, but better than nothing. I don’t want separate versions - I want both English and the second language on the same slide.

I am wondering if there are any other teachers out there who would like to collaborate on this, so that we all have less work to do, but end up with a fabulous end product for our students.


Hello @dcrunkle , This is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I don’t know a second language. I will pass this idea along to others.

@dcrunkle I wish I was able to collaborate with you. Are you able to share with the community the slides you have translated?

Hi there!

Would you be willing to share the slides you’ve translated with folks to use with their EL students?

How amazing! I struggled with the one ESL I got late in the year teaching CS. I tried so hard to get ideas across and hope that will consider this. I was in the same boat and could not reply or explain in his language.

Hello @dcrunkle! I am about to begin translating Unit 3 for a spanish language slide deck - intro to animation class - so if you have any translated resources from last year that you would be willing to share I’d really appreciate it.

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