U1 Day 3-4: PD Discussion Topic


I plan on having multiple desktop stations set up around the room and students will identify the parts within it and possibly take them apart in their groups. They will draw and label the parts in their journals (and possibly put them back together). They will rotate groups and check each other’s work to make sure their labeling is correct.


I have computers here for students to open and tear down. I would put them in groups and have them open up the computers and label the parts.


I plan to take apart an old computer to show them the components and talk about what each component does. I also will show the graphic that shows this different components from code.org.


I would like to have some old computers that can be opened up and explored by the students to help them really get a feel for what the components are and how they are all related.


I want to show the students the inside of a real computer.


I want my students to think about what they would use a computer for if they had one. What software would they use most? Do they think they would need a laptop with lots of storage? How much storage does their phone or iPad have? Would they rather have a desktop or a laptop? Why?


I plan on having students get in groups to discuss what they would like to have in a computer and then we will talk about it together as a class. Once we have discussed it, I would show a video on the different parts of a computer and maybe have them identify the different parts also.


I’m hoping our IT department will have some older computers that we can look inside of and identify. It would be fun to have all of the names of the components on sticky notes and see if they can correctly identify them prior to discussion.


I love the hands on aspect of getting an old computer and labeling the parts. Most students have never seen the inside of a computer, so this makes for a great discovery activity.


Taking apart a computer is a fun activity to get students into the hardware part of the lesson. I’d love to see the graphic you are thinking of sharing.


I plan on bringing a computer in and opening it up so that students can see the different components in a hands-on way. I want to have students relate what each major component does to a more familiar everyday object, idea, or activity.


I love the hands-on for exploring the components of the computer. I need to find one that I can easily break down. Thank you guys!


I also have a spare PC that students can open and look inside then research what that parts may be (working in groups of 2) then share out in presentation form…perhaps using powerpoint for their class presentations


I am lucky enough to have some computers that the students can take apart and explore so that they can actually see the physical component rather than just see a picture or watch a video.


I plan to have students work individually initially however, I realize that I have students performing on many different levels so at some point I am going to put them in groups.


I have all necessary parts on hand to build a computer on display, and demonstrate how all parts connect using the cables and the motherboard. Students may look inside a fully functional computer as well to see how it all comes together.


I plan to do the same and I’m using this video to help explain how they will do this: https://youtu.be/uVoOoI_x0Jw


love this ted ed vid. thx


How do you plan to introduce students to the hardware components in computers?

I have a bunch of old computers. Students will be able to look inside, identify parts, take parts out, put them back in, see how everything is connected.


Howww do you find answer keys to worksheets? I can not find them in the book or online. Anyone have any suggestions?