U1 Day 3-4: PD Discussion Topic


I plan to use some old computers that I have in my room. The students will be able to take them apart and put them back together. While doing this we will have a discussion about the parts of the computer.


By showing them a interesting video.


I will have students explore on their own, and then share with the class. i would also like to include a video or interactive map.


My technology coordinator allowed me to use some old computers that she had found in storage, and we literally took them apart. I’m so amazed at how proficient some of the students were! Even the novices were really engaged with the activity. However, you must be careful! The internal parts are sharp and I had one student who cut his finger.


I have an “old” computer that I have taken the back off of so students can actually look at and touch the parts. I also have several other random pieces of equipment–all of which I allow students to handle. I think this gives them an opportunity to explore and question and make connections. I believe this brings the lesson to life instead of just having them look at drawings on a page.


I like to know what they know, so I would have them write down which parts they know and then share with their group and then with the class. If I can access to an old computer, then I would take this apart and we could look at it!


I was thinking about having work stations set up of computer parts and have the students to assemble a computer using a diagram and then label the parts and their function. This could be done with cut outs as well.

Watch a you tube video on computer parts or a brain pop video.


I will have the students create a power point and add pictures of computer hardware components.


I plan to use a fully open and workable computer system. The students can see the inside of the system unit and where everything is and connected. I believe being able to touch and see the hardware is important in learning how it actually works.


Since I teach two sections of Computer Systems Technology (A+ Cert class), I plan to take my students into the lab and show them the parts. Also, I will have them build a computer from parts I have in the lab.


I have an old laptop and desktop that I can show the students the actual parts and they can come up and try to identify them, but they can actually touch and feel them.


Provide students with old non-working computers. Give them an opportunity to break the computer down. After breaking down they must identify each part. After identifying each part they will then rebuild the computer.


My plan is to have students research what hardware makes up a computer in their groups. Each group will then prepare a short 3-5 minute presentation.


I usually find a few old dinosaur computers and have the students tear them apart. We then discuss what they have found and guess what each part does.


I would give the students a handout with a detailed picture of a computer and it’s components from Carnegie Mellon University and have the refer to it while watching the video from howstuffworks.com. Then have them complete the Buying a Computer matching form.


Computer Buying Project- I plan to give students 1 of 3 scenarios for this project. I will not be doing the interview questions. I think this will be a more productive way for students to get started on the project


I plan to have a lesson on computer hardware prior to assigning this project. I have a PPT on computer hardware basics. I also pull out the computer components research portion of the assignment and have them do it separately before the project to learn about the different components.


I would introduce the parts by comparing them to parts of the body. Power source=circulatory system, CPU=brain, motherboard=nervous system, RAM=short term memory, Hard drive=long term memory, etc


The students will familiarize themselves with the hardware components of a computer by means of a Web Quest research activity.


I also like the idea of using an old computer so students can take it apart to examine the parts. I would like to think about having a guest speaker or inviting some sort of professional to come talk to my students about computers and to teach them about the parts / how they work (since I’m not an expert at all). Some students are extremely interested in these things already and know a ton, so I can have those feel comfortable and have knowledge “teach” their peers about what they know.