U1 Day 3-4: PD Discussion Topic


thats a great idea! I will be doing this now!


I am loving the idea of taking apart old computers and putting them back together to see if it starts again. I would place students in groups of 3 or 4 depending on the amount of computers I am able to get my hands on (if at all) have them take pictures of each part, label them and describe what each part does. That would be part one for learning the hardware.

For buying a computer: in the same groups each member would interview one -two people ( as a class we would come up with appropriate questions), the group would then choose one person and create a presentation board of three options for that person.


I would like to bring in an old computer so that students can explore the inside and identify the various components of the computer. I would consider pairing students to they can conduct their research and present to the class.


I will take apart a computer and pass the components around the room.


I like the idea of taking apart a computer. I’ll check with our tech crew and see what hasn’t been tossed yet.


I would show to my students how the cloud works and the benefits to cloud computing. The Chromebook is the typical example for this purpose. I would show how easy is to access to information using different devices for them to appreciate the benefits of working with the cloud.


I plan to treat this like a “dissection” in science class – students will learn about the parts ahead of time and then we will take apart an old computer to examine and possible disassemble.


Me not being a computer guru appreciated the analogy! Us big kids need a good explanation too :wink:


I’m not confident at this point to teach the parts of the computer. I am pretty sure some of the kids I will have in class will know more. So I think I would like to do a pretest to find those kids and group them with the other kids. My idea with this being our first year of having ECS and not having the technology needed to further ourselves ( yet) going into AP courses. I thought I would give students the opportunity to shop for computers they would want here at school to continue their education, reminding them of budgets and possible donors and what may not be a realistic goal. And have then give several options either all put together or separate to build on their own. Then they will present to me and sell to me their ideas as if I were a potential donator :heart_eyes:


I plan to bring in an old computer and have students take it apart to see the components.


I plan on grabbing a bunch of dead computers from our IT department and let the kids explore. They identify and label each of the parts in their dead computers.


I plan on letting the students take apart an old computer. The students will them have to discuss the parts as a class.


My plan is to assign a different part of the computer to several students who will just read what they are. Then the rest of the class will be in charge of building the computer I describe by stating which students they will need.


I will have the students create a diagram using bulletin board paper and construction paper and magazines. Instead of having the real parts of the computer included they will have to use pictures and create analogies for each.


Borrowing an old computer from the Technology department and opening the case and actually taking a look at the components inside the case.


I love this idea, I think I will incorporate into my class.


I think I will have them do an analogy project. Have them compare something like a city to the inside of a computer. The students will then have to find parts within both systems that do the same job/function.


Student should be able to see first hand what each of these components look like. Have an open system, and allow each student to identify as many components as possible and explain the function of each identified. Then break into groups of 3-4 and compare responses; and students given time to reflect on their initial responses. Groups are then given the opportunity to identify components until all components have been discussed.


Poster Assignment:
With 3-4 group members, create a poster/powerpoint that illustrates what you find inside when you open up a computer. Base your presentation on the information you’ve gathered from your reading and from viewing the different components. We read and discuss the assignment before students begin work, and make sure they understand how presentation will be assessed.
Your poster/powerpoint should include the following:
• An illustration of at least one example of each of the five hardware devices you have just read about (motherboards, microprocessors, memory, magnetic storage, and optical storage). Assign one device to each group member, or distribute the assignments as best fits your group makeup.
• A label that identifies each device.
• A sentence that explains the purpose of each device.


Similar to some of the other responses on here I think it would be great to let students tear open a computer, look at the components and try to guess as to their role in the computer. Maybe get several different types of computers to compare.