U5 Day 1-3: Planned topic

I plan to complete this lesson. This will be a litte tricky for me at the moment as we are in “testing” season so I will be seeing my students sporadically. There could be students that I won’t see for a few days to a few weeks depending on how many tests they have to takeChallenge Unit 5.docx|attachment (27.5 KB)

I did not give a large “assessment” as I pride in this class not having formal assessments and actually use their student work/output as assessments.

@adriana_delap, Yikes! Hope its not too hectic, let us know if you need any help.

I am in the same boat and was considering on just moving to the robotics section and having them collect data on a task and see what they can do with that data. Spring time is NUTs around here!

@dhuff, that totally works! You’re the boss with this curriculum; feel free to modify it in any way you see fit.

Thanks! Where are we supposed to post our lesson… I was having trouble finding the correct Forum to post our lesson choice and lesson plan?

One thing I am going to do for the day 3 portion of the activity is to preview the data merge with a simple class wide activity. I will generate 4 student’s grades and ask students the class to merge them. One student might be something like “Math - 85” and another might be “Algebra - B+”. It will be somewhat obvious as to how to merge the data, but going through the process should help set the stage for the room activity.

I have no idea but I am going to attach it to my original and hope that its seen!

Challenge Unit 5.docx (27.5 KB)

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That’s what I did last semester. It’s hard to squeeze in everything in only 80-some days AND prepare them for the final exam. I actually combined this part with Unit 1 HCI when they had to collect data. We talk about data collection all the time in class as well.

I plan to complete this lesson, day 1-3.

Challenge Unit 5 days 1-3.docx (29.5 KB)

I am going to try out this lesson and see what happens.

I started this lesson. We will see how it goes!

@ruth_page, @pkantack

Awesome, let us know how it goes!! :grin:

I did the lesson, but had some difficulties. 1) I need to dedicate more time for this unit, so I did not introduce the final project, but we did do the room data project. It went well, but students didn’t take it as serious as they could so data was skewed. For next year, I am planning to do a different type of data collection and use Excel to break down the data. I am not sure what type yet, but I am trying to come up with something that will require them to use the data for more effectively. A thought may be to document whenever they see students use a cell phone during class?