UNit 5: Day 1 - 3: Room data project, set up final project

I will be teaching Unit 5 :Day 1 - 3: Room data project, set up final project

I have yet to teach this lesson, but expect to run into problems of some students forgetting to collect data. Then their will be one student in the group that have collected more data then the others. In the group they will vote on if not enough data then the data collected by the one person will only be used. The extended activity will be that if not enough data collected, then one student will be selected to go collect data from selected teachers to help add more data asking about their previous day. I think as far as this lesson goes, the students will struggle with deciding what format to use for displaying the data. For the most part for my first time teaching this lesson I will follow the lesson verbatim. After I teach it for the first time I maybe able to create modifications. Any resources that anyone may have will be apprecitated as I am not sure what resources I could use.


I agree that there will be some students who don’t collect data or are prepared as needed. Sometimes I will have a few sample data sets that students can use to do the project in a variety of formats (I don’t announce to students that I will share data sets).