U5 Day 1-3: Lesson Resources

U4 Day 1-3: Lesson Resources

Here is the excel spreadsheet I created as an example for the Room Data Collection Project:

Room Data Collection Project for Unit 5 Challenge.pdf (93.9 KB)

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I decided to focus mainly on the idea of creating statistical questions using a data cycle. My plan is to use this to bolster students understanding of statistical questions, how they are created and why they are needed.

Day 3-4 Activity

my students are visual learners so i decided to use poster board paper and i allowed them as a team to collaborate their data using charts and graphs.

I chose to have students gather data on what they were spending time on during Seminar. We will take this information and create a chart and graph. Students will then determine the use of Seminar time.

Students recorded their data for one week, which is three seminar class periods. As a class we then categorized the recordings and added the time spend. Each student created a chart-using either Word or Excel. Students then created a visual representation of their time spend in Seminar. Students then compared with others in class. As a class we then created a visual representation-chart in Excel-to show the classes use of Seminar. We discussed the intent of Seminar vs what the chart showed is was being used for. Then students made a proposal on how to “fix” Seminar.

A lot of my students are visual learners so I am using giant sticky note paper and they get to collaborate in teams to make graphs & charts in different colors to represent their data visually.

I created the attached spreadsheet for students data collection during the course of a week. The collection sparked many conversations about the definition of happy.

U5 Days 1-3: Lesson Resources
I have created an Excel spreadsheet for my students to keep track of how they spend their hours in a day. This activity is easy to extend to two or three days for data collection.How I Spend My Day - 24 hour pie chart.pdf (182.9 KB)

Here is the file I created for my data collection.

Room Data Collection Project.pdf (107.1 KB)

The extension activity I created for this is a digital safety survey. I had my students create Google Form surveys to gather information about the digital safety knowledge of adults in their lives. They each came up the questions, then shared, corrected, and consolidated until we had a master survey for the class that could be analyzed. It was good to see how their approach to writing survey questions changed as they gained a better understanding of how the data had to be gathered and analyzed.


Advice - fight the urge to correct your students when they are learning about data norms.

Structure - Use Google! The students can collaborate on the same documents, forms, and spreadsheets. It makes it much easier to do and since each student has a unique account, it is easy to see individual contributions to the assignments.

Resources - TED has fantastic videos on data. Pick the best one to fit each class’s interests and personality. TED talks on data

You can also do a jigsaw read with these three pages and have groups form a consensus on big data concepts:
SAS on Big Data
IBM on Big Data
Oracle on Big Data

After all data was collected for the entire class, students were grouped to analyzed the data to:

  1. Generally explained what the data represented
  2. Create at least 2 charts that represent their findings
  3. Explain what problem(s) could this data help solve, why?