U5 Day 1-3: PD Discussion Topic

U4 Day 1-3: PD Discussion Topic

I used Google docs and wordle so students could see it happen as they went, and also so they could add visuals to their brainstorm if need be. I also had a group of ELD 1s do it in Spanish first then translate it.

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My advice for the best way to prepare to teach this lesson is to work through it. That way I became familiar with the resources to use to introduce the final project and experienced the data collection in the Room Data Collection Project.

Since I teach this class on a block schedule, I will assign the data collection as homework due at the beginning of day 1-3 so that we can use the data later in the block period.

I plan to have the students use Google Sheets because it lends itself so well to collaboration.

I appreciate the resources that are shared here for first time teachers of computer science.

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I also use Google Sheets as it is a great way to work together. I had students input their data using Google forms so that it populated sheets.

U5 - Days 1- 3

I had the students collect data for 3 days and then we put
the information in a pie chart for each individual student and a pie chart for
the entire class.

The data we collected included:

How many hours per day do you spend doing physical

How many hours of sleep do you get at night?

How many times do you check social media in one hour?

How many cups of water do you drink in one day?

How many cups of coffee do you drink in one day?

How long do you spend brushing your teeth?

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did you then have them choose what data to concentrate on? or what did you do with the information since it was different…

Yes, they chose the data they wanted to concentrate on - sorry I meant to respond last week and got busy.

I like your idea. I think it would keep their interest because it is relevant to their lives.

Great idea using immediate feedback. It really hits home with the students.
Super idea!

DITTO!!! I have found a lot of ‘stuff’ to “borrow” (LOL) to use in my class. I love this forum!