U5 Day 14-16: PD Discussion Topic


U4 Day 14-16: PD Discussion Topic


I have not taught this part of the lesson yet, but I plan to work on it next week. I am planning to put my students in small groups (2-3 students) and have the groups prepare a short survey to ask their fellow students in the class. Things they can include would be hair color, favorite music, favorite class, favorite color, eye color, etc. Once they have gathered the data by surveying their classmates, they will then use spreadsheet software to compile the data and create a visual representation of the data. I also plan to use the journals and vocabulary that are in the curriculum guide for these days in the unit. Then I will have them reflect on their final product. Why did they choose the chart/graph they chose?, what are the variables?, etc.

I will adjust the assignment as necessary once I figure out if it works well for my students.