U1 L13 Graphic Clarification

Hello. Does anyone have a better graphic of the layers of the internet besides the resource provided by Code.org? It is very unclear, and that graphic does not help the students with the end of chapter assessment question dealing with it. It confuses them more than anything, and also seems to contradict the answer to the question.


Would this be helpful?

Thank you. It is question #2 that the Code.org graphic does not support very well. There is more terminology in this graphic and it doesn’t mention DNS, but I really appreciate it. It seems more comprehensive than the Code.org graphic. :wink:

I’m glad this graphic helped you. DNS is mentioned on Layer 7 Application Layer. Just so code.org can have feedback, please copy/paste the question you are referring to from the assessment so they can update their lesson with the necessary information.

Thanks. I must not have looked closely. I see DNS now. I think some students can view this forum so I don’t think I should post the actual question, but it was #2.

Hi @choster,

Thanks for calling attention to this. I can see how the code.org graphic seems incomplete for the task of answering the assessment question since HTTP is not on the graphic (whereas the resource posted by @mmathews is useful for that).

Was there something else that students found particularly caused confusion or seemed contradictory?