U1L03 - "The Perfect Pet" activity - "Correct" answer

I’ve just started Unit 1 Lesson 3 and we were doing the Perfect Pet activity. My class found that 2 of the people could have either pet - Iguana or Fish - and that there’s no “correct answer” for those two. Unless I’m wrong, which is why I’m here asking. All the other correct answers make sense, just those two are ambiguous.

Hi amiller2,

Ahh…yes I see what you mean. Those two could easily be interchanged and seem to still fit the criteria of the people. This could bring up a great discussion for problem solving! The problem solving process is iterative. In the real world, you might need to back and get more information from the user about what kind of pet they may want. OR sometimes the problem as you defined it might not meet current available solutions so THEN how do you decide what to do. Anyway, I am sure you had some great discussions. I suppose to answer your question there is an exemplar with the “correct answer” in the teacher lesson plans but I would certainly allow either choice.