Right or Wrong?

Are there actual right and wrong answers to these pictures? I am more prone to allow the students decide for themselves. I say this because as long as they can back up their decisions and argue either way. Any suggestions would be helpful!

I don’t think you got an answer to this - I agree that the ability to argue the point is the key. One of the facilitators stressed the point in a related thread that some items should not be easily categorized. Love activities that introduce the kids to a bit of “intellectual ambiguity”

I would agree that it is really a matter of discussion and forming an idea of what a computer really is. I do this activity with a Kahoot set in survey mode. We go through them together and turn it into a class discussion followed by the “What Makes a Computer a Computer” video & the introduction of the ISPO model. It’s a quick, but hearty lesson that the kids enjoy.


To hit home that there’s no “right” answer to some of these, you may be interested that Code.org’s CEO and president had a lively debate over at least one of these items when we ran the lesson as a demonstration at the Seattle office.

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