U2 Challenge Decisions

I LOVE this idea! Do you want to partner up for this activity or have you already done it?

I will be working on Instructional Days: 10-12. I have already requested to partner up with @hallk because I love the idea she has to have the students teach this activity to teachers at a staff meeting.

yes, I would like to partner up.

I will prepare the Days 7-9 Cornrow Braiding Lesson.

Awesome! My email address is ablair@sd273.com :sunglasses:

I will be working on the binary lesson plan.

I’ll be teaching the Days 10-12 Binary Lesson.

I willl be teaching the Binary Lesson.

I will be working on the Bilnary Lesson.

I adjusted the final project to meet my students needs. I will be sharing this process.

I will be expanding on lesson for day 10-12 and have students write their name in binary code.

Binary Lesson - days 10-12

I will be working on lesson 10-12 binary on my own.

I plan to teacher the Binary Number System, Instructional Days 10-12.

I’ll be using the Cornrow program and I’m using a partner in the community to help our students understand the throught process of being able to do this in real life vs. a program and how many algorithms go into both processes.


Have you started yet? This is one lesson I wasn’t sure about. If you would like to partner, they would be awesome. If not, just let me know.



Hi Janet,
I have finished the lesson already. I just worked through the project myself as described in the curriculum before teaching the lesson as described in the curriculum.

I will be reviewing minimal spanning trees. A math teacher showed me Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm to tie the lesson in with math

Ok Holly! Thank you for letting me know.

cornrow curves, working with a teacher in my school who is also teaching ECS