U2L08 Intellectual Property on Zoom & Resource

Hi All,

I wanted to share a couple of ideas if you are teaching this lesson on Zoom.

For the warm up, students normally stand or sit to say whether several scenarios are fair or not. While on Zoom, I’m going to have students toggle their videos on or off. There is a setting with the gallery view called “Hide Non-Video Participants” which will only show students whose videos are on (and think something is fair). If nobody thinks something is fair, there will be no videos showing. The instructions I will give my students are on slide #5 here.

Next, I will have students watch the new and old CC videos and submit their work on this Google Form. We will discuss the work they put in the Google Form first, but students will be responsible for inputting their responses into the form. Additionally, the videos are linked in the form for students who might have missed class.