U3L10 Captioned Scene Help

Link to the project or level: Game Lab - Code.org

What I expect to happen: The student wants the bear standing on the picnic blanket.

What actually happens: If the bear sprite is created after the blanket shape the blanket does not appear, but if the bear is drawn before the blanket then the blanket is on top of the bear.

What I’ve tried: We;ve tried different sequencing but can not get the bear on top of the blanket.

@mlcizlak ,

This is a bit tricky because you are trying to draw “shapes” between two sprites.

The only way I would know to do that would be to use the undocumented “drawSprite()” function.

Instead of your last drawSprites(); block, switch to text mode and type this instead:


This should only draw the bear and not the grass and it should work.