U3L23 Help with variables in the rubric

Hi folks,
I am grading U3L23 right now and am a little confused about the use of variables on the rubric. The rubric states, " The game includes multiple variables that are updated during the game and affect how the game is played."

However I cannot see where the project instructions tell students to add a variable. I can see that they should add a score, but shouldn’t the instructions reflect this? I am not sure where they would put “multiple” variables. Do sprites count as variables? How did others handle this?


Good catch. I am guessing that this level has perhaps evolved since it and the rubric were initially created. Variables aren’t used in the sample game unless you consider the sprite properties (such as flyer.x and flyer.y) to be variables … which I guess could be argued

You could email support@code.org to alert the curriculum designers and they may change the rubric. I would probably just change it to sprite properties, because I think if you did that, it would make the rubric accurate.

Good luck!