U4 Day 25-30: PD Discussion Topic


U4 Day 25-30: PD Discussion Topic


Spending more time on problem-solving will help my students be able tackle the rigor of unit 4.


I agree. Planning with storyboarding and psuedo-code along with a peer review with feedback and questions will help sort out any problems early before coding.


Now that you have have seen the curriculum taught from Unit 1- Unit 4, why do you think it is important for you to make connections while teaching back to Unit 1,2 and 3 or forward to an upcoming unit?

That is an interesting question in light of the fact that with the students I currently have in this ‘starter’ class… they presently are making connections to past lessons and informing me and each other how something that we are presently doing connects back to an activity, project of challenge that was put before them in prior units.

What connections have you seen so far in the curriculum?

They are quick to storyboard, work with an elbow partner, and they often expect to learn from their previous attempts, often making light of what they did before they made something finally work.

How does it benefit the student to intentionally make those connections?

Well, since they have been the one’s making the connections themselves, it further imprints the prior lessons leaned to their developing processing skill sets.


Students prior learning/knowledge helps them to understand new concepts especially when they can make the connections. Throughout this unit they learned many skills along with collaboration with their peers. Creating a storyboard on their own or working with a partner will help build their teamwork skills. This is a great final project in scratch to incorporate all their skills they have learned so far in programming.