U4 Day 7-8: PD Discussion Topic


U4 Day 7-8: PD Discussion Topic


By having students work together to debug their programs and to try not events, I can help my students continue to collaborate.


Organizing group with thought/attention can encourage students to collaborate more effectively and confidently


Assigning different parts of the assignment to small groups to work on and then share out.


How can you intentionally encourage students to collaborate with each other on the program they are designing?

Students can be asked to storyboard their ideas and then seek out two or more students to comment on their ideas. OR Have students work in pairs, the student designing the program is the navigator, the student helping does the keyboard work. This way, they are bound to collaborate. When the first student’s program has been designed, the students can switch jobs. OR, do the same as the last idea but allow both to collaborate on one program.


One way is to have students work in pairs to solve the programming problem presented.


I think students can and should be using each other when they get stuck or need to debug a script that is not working but I would expect each student to be creating their own version of the alphabet game, side by side.


Collaboration can be a great way to bounce ideas off of each other and to get “unstuck”. It is a much needed life skill and soft skill, so I’m a stickler for making them learn it and use it.


My day 7&8 one pager: U4 Challenge


Collaboration among the students has helped. Also, the student leaders I give extra credit to if they help students with their projects.