U4 Day 10-13: PD Discussion Topic

U4 Day 10-13: PD Discussion Topic

We have ample opportunities to present during class. Students are given rubrics so they know what they need to cover in their presentations. Students are also required to use note cards and assign roles to each member so they will be experts on their parts.

Collaboration is a key skill that students should be working on as computer scientists, and one way we can support collaboration in the classroom is through group presentations.

What kind of support do you give students to help them prepare for their presentation?

I try to make sure that they have all of the tech issues figured out before they start. Then make sure that every person in a group presentation has a significant role to play.

Guiding questions, sample outline for presentation?

I make sure they have read the rubric and know that any question that the instructor will ask will come directly from the rubric.

I tell the students what is expected in the presentation and then give the groups time to prepare their presentations.

We are starting this project next week and I am looking forward to seeing the student’s creativity in creating their scratch broadcasting project. Students provide constructive criticism to students upon reviewing their projects. In addition, I go over items such as speaking loudly, contrasting colors on presentations etc…