U4 Day 9: PD Discussion Topic


U4 Day 9: PD Discussion Topic


I will complete the lessons before my students to so I can make sure I understand how the blocks work and how to create new blocks.


I will do the lesson before to make sure I understand how to do everything before showing my students what to do.


What are you going to do to prepare yourself to be ready to teach this lesson that can uses some difficult blocks so that students will not only understand the use of the blocks but be not lose interest?

As with all of these lessons, I do them first to ID the difficulties. After doing that, in the classroom my job is to be ready and observant for when students arrive at the 'pinch-points".


I have done the lesson myself so that I am understand what the lesson is trying to convey.


Best way to prepare is to practice before preaching it. :slight_smile:


struggling how I am going to present this role playing in the class? Not sure I understanding the concept of this… and with this group of kids how I can get them to bite on this and it not being a waste of time for them. I think if I didn’t have a bunch of upper class man, I might feel different. Only thing I think of is handing all of them the whole script and giving them 1/2 of class to plan and other half to act it out and then discuss how this would look on screen if we were recording a play for Youtube. Any suggestions?


It helps that I complete the lessons before I assign it to the students. Although the students are very inquisitive and learn on their own quickly.