U4 L1 pear deck for distance learners

I used some of the unit 4 slides and turned them into a pear deck for the baggies & post it notes “Do This” instructions. We are usually in person but had to pivot to online for two weeks and I couldn’t get materials to my students. However, this worked well. I followed the order of the slides and had the kids go back and forth from zoom to peardeck. I had my baggie and post it notes and could show them live and then used the animations in the U4 slides to help. Then we jumped back on the pear deck to complete a slide. For the peardeck, they had to change the color of the pen to be red or yellow and include quotes for strings. I had them cross out values when a variable is updated so I could see their thinking process. It worked really well!

Feel free to make a copy and use in your classes:

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