Peardeck slides for AP CSP Unit 1

Distance Learning has definitely brought on new challenges for all of us. My biggest worry was keeping my students engaged. In the classroom, I could lock down their computers to keep them from being distracted and playing games while I am giving instructions. I lost that control with distance learning. But thanks to the amazing slide deck provided by codedotorg and peardeck my students are still engaged!
Sharing the links to a couple peardeck presentations that I created.
Unit 1 Lesson 6 - Representing Text
Unit 1 Lessons 11-13 ( I combined these as my kids have done these topics last year. So used this presentation as a review)


Thanks so much! I’ve only used PD once.

It’s become a MUST HAVE for me during distance learning. Here is a sample student takeaway with their responses. Kinda becomes their journal notes.

Thanks for sharing! I decided to try Peardeck this year also and I am starting to really like it. Your slides will save me some time.