U5 Day 6-7: PD Discussion Topic


U4 Day 6-7: PD Discussion Topic


I have chosen to do Day 6 - 7: Building group norms for my Challenge Project. I wasn’t sure if this was the correct place to post this?


Attached is my Extension Lesson & notes/considerations for Unit 5 Day 6-7 for my Challenge Activity. I have also attached my artifact from this lesson as a reference as well.Unit 5 notes for challenge.pdf (137.9 KB) Reflections - Sheet1.pdf (145.0 KB)


I will do Days 6-7, Building Group Norms, as my challenge project for Unit 5.


Here is a link to info related to an alternative to Days 6-7 as written in the ECS Curriculum;


As an extension of the Building Norms activity, I have had my kids identify a problem that is widespread among the students. I had them create questions about the problem and identify ways to solve the problem. Students then went to neighboring classrooms and interviewed the students. They compiled the data and reported it at lunch on the monitors.