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I will probably try to cover Day 8. Data Analysis has already been touched upon in HCI and Problem Solving and I discuss it quite frequently as data is everywhere and analysis is an integral part of Computer Science, so in trying to get my students to begin thinking in a different manner, I am trying to get them to observe data and think in a new way.


Unit 5 Challenge Days 1-3 Data Collection:

This lesson took a little bit of planning and setting up on google forms. The data collection was a little time consuming. I think it was very important to walk through with the class how initially the data was not specified enough and then after discussing the group was able to target the data collection a bit more. Based on this, the assessment question that I will be using is: Explain why it is important to agree on an format for data collected by more than one person.


I had to combine unit 5 and 6 together to finish out the year. At the high school things get crazy with all the state testing, seniors graduate early, SAT, Spring sports (golf, tennis, track, softball, baseball, etc.)… so many interruptions to ever really concentrate on things. So the example I am doing is what I have already done. I found out that the Lego Mindstorms EV3 package didn’t line up with the projects I had already planned out. So we had to modify everything. It actually worked out for the best! Students really had to work together to collaborate and make things unique versus following the Lego setups and how to build the robots. The Robots I wanted students to build that were within our program on our computers didn’t match up with the parts that came in our Education Set. So everyone added parts and built with modifications and what they thought would work.

It was fun to gather the data that went along with their robots so we could all observe the differences in their creations.

Attached is my Lesson plans and Standards I could find that fit with all we put together.
Lesson for 5 & 6


I will do the lesson on Bubble charts.


We’ve currently not worked on this unit. We skipped Unit 5 in order to have plenty of time to work with Unit 6-Robotics. If our school year allows, we’ll come back to this unit.


We have worked on building project presentations.


Unit 5 Challenge Days 1-3 Data Collection:

I plan to assign students a data collection topic that they will later analyze as a group…


I extended the data collection lesson by showing TED Talks about issues students might choose and how data can change the world. A couple of links that people might want to choose to use:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBQ-IoHfimQ (commercial about Syria), https://www.ted.com/talks/nancy_lublin_the_heartbreaking_text_that_inspired_a_crisis_help_line?language=en (crisis text line).


I plan to demo and assign students some Excel projects so they can get familiar with using it and creating graphs from data. Then I want them to survey each other (with a survey they create in small groups) to put the data into a spreadsheet and show a visual representation of the data with a chart/graph of their choice.


Unit5Days26-27.docx (5.4 KB) Unit5FinalExample.docx (1.8 MB)

Please see attached for the Unit 5 Challenge Days 26-27 .I completed this unit with Marcos Rico. Some advice would be to give the students as much freedom when it comes to choosing their project and what they want to do. When they have ownership over the project they seem to push themselves to that next level. You really get to see some enlightening moments in the classroom.


My extension activities for this unit included Excel Pivot Tables and Infographics using Adobe Illustrator. I had to cut this unit short this year but have plans for better time management next year!

Challenge-Pivot Tables by Amy Ulen.docx (22.9 KB)
Amy Ulen Pivot Table.pdf (221.0 KB)
AmyUlen_Infographic.pdf (436.2 KB)
InfographicsusingIllustrator.pdf (1.3 MB)


I will cover Day 8 based on the Data Check In for the Room Collection Task. I will have them combined group data together in a consistent format then I will create a Google Document to be shared with the groups so they can combine all the data to see what is the happiest and unhappiest rooms here at East Career & Technical Academy.


Challenge-Unit5_Day8_DataCheckIn.docx (19.2 KB)


Day 1-3 - Room Data Project


Worked collaboratively with peer teachers.Unit 5


I did Days 1-3, (I did not have time to do this unit with my classes.)

unit5_days1-3.docx (16.2 KB)


I covered days 18-20 on mean, median, and mode. I had students create a google sheet with ACT test scores and calculate the mean, median, and mode. As an extension, each student set a “goal score” for the next test and calculated what they needed to score in each subsection to reach their goal. For example, students explained what they needed to do to raise their scores by 3 or more points.
I’ve included a sample from the lesson.
2016 SPED ACT Comparison Chart - Sheet1.pdf (77.1 KB)


I covered Day 1. Setting up the information for the project and the how’s of how to collect it and organize it.


I did day 30 and how to collect and analyze data. Making sure that it is put in a format that is easy to read/understand.