U7 L16 Final AI & Machine Learning Project

I am wondering if anyone can spot the bug in my students app. Regardless of the parameters entered the answer is the same: App Lab - Code.org


Greetings @smalone,

As much as I’d like to explain at the moment, I don’t really want to weather it be incorrect nesting or not even supplying any valuable information to the object set so here’s my resolved version

var data = {};
onEvent("Start", "click", function () {
onEvent("next", "click", function () {
  addPair(data, "Starmassinsuns", Number(getText("text_input1")))
onEvent("End", "click", function () {
  addPair(data, "Starsizeinsuns", Number(getText("text_input2")))
onEvent("bh", "click", function () {
onEvent("clickresults", "click", function () {
  setText("results22", '');
  getPrediction("Star Heat ", "012kh1Y2Sb7w", data, function (value) {
    setText("results22", value);

I am currently unsure of how accurate this is since this is my first time using getPrediction() though i hope this puts you on the right track.

Best, Varrience