Underrepresented Minorities Not Taking Exam for Financial Reasons


Our school is 98% african-american, and has a tight budget (under Chicago Public Schools). The school can only afford to sponsor a few students for the AP Exam. Students cannot necessarily pay for the exam themselves (we have 83% eligible for free or reduced lunch). Is there outside funding so more students can take the exam?



My school is at 46% and I haven’t found a solution either. On top of this, students literally pay for exempting the final. This is my first year teaching an AP class and I do not want to go with this method. If I don’t, I fear some students might not sign up for the course next year. I have started talking to some of the AP teachers to see if maybe having students take a pretest and have a qualifying score in order to exempt 20% of their final grade for the course which is what it amounts to. That’s why I would like to survey teachers to see how many are in the same situation I am in. Does your school exempt students from the final if they take the AP Exam?

Please take a few minutes to answer 3 - yes or no questions concerning students taking the AP CSP Exams. See the link below. Thanks so much! https://goo.gl/forms/H4CBoeSfdrrmPEm82


FYI - College Board and various states provide significant discounts in some cases:


Thanks - I’ve gotten similar communication from the college board.