AP CSP reader opportunity


My district won’t let me go to be an AP reader because I would be getting by the college board and also by my school. Has anyone else run into this issue? They also feel its too long to be out of school. Has anyone else run into this? Or have you been invited and its not an issue for your school?


I’m able to go, but I will be missing the last week of school in my county. I was nervous asking my principle at first, but he was excited I was asked to attend. When he explained it to me, he stated its important for us to go because we get more exposure and experience with the AP test. We can use the knowledge and the experiences we gain from the training to better reach our students. I would definitely argue your stand point, because you’re going to better reach our students, and the enormous amount of questions you will get answered there can be provided to other staff in your area through professional growth and development.



In my district, we have to take personal days or be AWOP (absent without pay). We have 2 - 3 teachers who attend every year. Depending on the year, they miss multiple days of school. The district does consider it a form of professional development but will not allow the double dipping.



My district allows the campus principal to make the decision on missing the school days to attend. My principal viewed the opportunity to serve as a reader as a prestige thing for the school. I was able to count the days missed as “school business” so I did not lose personal days. The first week of readings fall on finals week and the second falls on first week of summer break. The issue of the ETS stipend was never brought up.


I do not have this issue. But can point out that the APCSP reading can be done remotely; so if you are inclined you can sign up and do the readings outside of school hours. As long as there is no policy against it, you can do both.