Apply to be an AP Reader (grade AP exam performance tasks)

Reminder to apply to be an AP Reader (meaning after the AP exams near the beginning of summer, you grade the non-multiple-choice sections of AP exams).

It’s a great opportunity to see (and grade) hundreds of student work samples, learning the exact process for using and applying the rubric to score an entry.

For the upcoming year, College Board says they’ll have some onsite scoring (in Kansas City, for CSP), but this year they’re also offering “distributed” scoring (do it at home in your jammies).

I suggest applying if you’re interested! Linky link: (scroll down to the two yellow buttons for either onsite or online reading)

Last year I was a reader in Kansas City and spent over a week grading hundreds of Explore PTs. Even though they tweaked the rubric and instructions this year, the experience definitely still provided much insight on the process readers go through to determine a score.

Feel free to ask questions, as in addition to me, there were many other readers last year who taught the curriculum and are likely on this forum.


This is the first year I am teaching the AP Computer Science Principles course. What are the criteria to be a reader? How many hours are required?

According to the eligibility requirements on their application page…

High School Teachers

AP Readers from secondary schools must currently teach the AP course in a face-to-face classroom setting and have completed at least two years’ experience teaching it — unless:

the AP course is new — then teachers must demonstrate comparable expertise and teaching experience*
the AP course is being offered as an online AP course taught in a virtual classroom — then teachers must have at least two years’ experience in teaching the course in a face-to-face classroom setting.
*Note related to Computer Science Principles:

AP CSP high school teachers with all levels of experience may also apply
HS teachers with at least 2 years of experience teaching AP Computer Science A will be considered
All CSP applicants must specify which programming languages they have expertise in as part of the application process

For the “how many hours” question, I would expect it to be full work days (~8-5) during the days stated (June 11-17 for CSP). I’m not familiar with the “online” option since that’s new this year, but my assumption is it’s roughly the same number of hours as the onsite option.

@frank_w_lee Thank you! This is helpful information.