Webinar with AP CSP chief reader Thursday 1/18

Here’s a copy/paste from an email I got from an online CSP4HS course I enrolled in long ago…

Webinar: AP CSP Chief Reader! Tomorrow night…
You all won’t want to miss this! Please see below:

AP Computer Science Principles has seen an incredible surge in student enrollment across the country, especially amongst female students and students of color. In June 2017, the CollegeBoard held the first reading for the AP Computer Science Principles exam. With all of this excitement, how do so many teachers who are offering the course for only the first or second time prepare their students for the AP exam? In this webinar, you will hear from Paul Tyman, the chief reader for the AP CS Principles exam, who will share some tips on how to prepare your students.

Join here: http://air.adobeconnect.com/deepa/ to participate in this webinar.

1/18/2018 - 7:30pm (est) to 8:30pm (est)

Audio connection details provided upon entry to the meeting room.

I missed this. Is there a way I can watch a recording of it?


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I found a template for the Explore task for the students to use if they like. Is that okay? Also, does their artifact need to be on the same PDF file or can there be two separate files?
They are getting ready to submit their drafts next week, so any help is appreciated.
Thank You!

Hi Kimberly,

A template is great, as long as it doesn’t violate any of the rules (although there aren’t specific rules about templates, I don’t think). College Board themselves provide a template - a simple document with all the written response questions along with boxes under them for students to type their answers.

The artifact must be its own file. Students submit 2 files: 1.) Written response as PDF, 2.) Artifact in whatever file format specified in the guidelines (depends on what the artifact is - image, audio, video, etc.)