Unit 1 Lesson 10 CS-A

I’m so excited to get going, I’ve started! I’m having an issue with Unit 1 Lesson 10, getting a compile error that it doesn’t know about isFacingSouth(). I played around and discovered it couldn’t find the boolean methods about what direction it is facing. Do I have the wrong method name? In trying to fix it, it also occurred to me that I don’t know how to find the API for Painter.


Answering my own post. After playing around and searching through the later labs, I discovered the method is facingSouth(). I still stand by my recommendation to have a link to the API.

Hi @vlistman! These are both updates we are in the process of making. We are working on incorporating a Docs & Tips tab in Java Lab that will give students access to the documentation for The Neighborhood, The Theater, and common packages students use in the curriculum from the Java API. These updates are coming soon, and we will let you know once these updates are completed and live for you to use!


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