Unit 1 Lesson 7 Nearpod

Unit 1 Lesson 7 Nearpod

Sharing is caring and I care. :slight_smile: I’ve found this to be the easiest delivery method for traditional and virtual students simultaneously.

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Thanks for sharing this lesson – it’s awesome when teachers share resources with the community!

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I never got the application for the scholarship for the circuits that can be programmed. Is it too late to apply for that? Thanks.

Hello @jjohnson21,
If you’re referring to the Circuit Playgrounds, there will be an email that usually comes out to verified teachers in January that gives information about purchasing them with a subsidy. In the meantime, you can find some information here as well. https://code.org/circuitplayground
Hope this helps!

Thanks for responding. So, shouldn’t I have received that email last January? I took the professional development classes last school year. Please advise.

So, at the same link @edavis suggested above, at the bottom, it does say you should have received an email in January of 2020 with information on creating your implementation plan. I would suggest you reach out to support@code.org if you can’t find the email. As it says in the paragraph below, they are reviewing implementation plans through April of 2021.

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In January 2020, teachers in the 2019-20 CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program received an email from us with more information about how to fill out a Unit 6 implementation plan and request a subsidy for the Adafruit Circuit Playground classroom kit on our website, if they are unable to secure funding and are otherwise qualified.

Teachers should fill out their implementation plan in the semester they are teaching Unit 6. Our team will accept and review implementation plans from 2019-20 CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program participants through April 2021.

@jjohnson21 Thank you so much for sharing! Your generosity is appreciated.

The link for the Code.org App Development is no longer working - HELP


The link is no longer working?

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You MUST SAVE THE NEARPOD TO YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, or you will be locked out anytime I edit and or teach the lesson. Here it is. Please save it to YOUR nearpod account.