Unit 10 Project Innovation Simulation STEP 5

I am confused as to whether each group in this project selects just one computing innovation as a group OR if each group member selects one of their own ideas and the group ends up presenting on all 4/5/6 ideas? In the Unit 10 Lesson 5 ‘lesson plan’, it says:

Students should aim to spend roughly half their class time discussing their different ideas with the goal of settling on one innovation that they believe will bring the most overall benefit while also making sense with the broader vision of their team.

Students should brainstorm a unifying theme for their group’s vision. Each member of the team should determine which one of their three innovations will ultimately be included in their group’s vision for the Future School. This innovation will be presented alongside the innovations selected by the other members in their group later in this project.

Any thoughts or clarification on this would help me do a way better job next year because this confused us. Thanks!

This is confusing language, and I think I’ve always just sort of gone my own way because of it… If it helps, I’ve done the following:

In the brainstorming phase, they each come up with three innovations.

When the group members come together, the group comes up with a single theme that all members agree upon (personalized learning plans, green living, health-conscious curricula, whatever it is) and choose of their own innovations that fits with this theme. When the groups present, they present the 1 overarching theme/vision, and the multiple innovations that will support their future school in realizing this vision.

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Thank you so much! That makes a lot more sense to me. That will be my plan moving forward as well. Thanks again, so helpful!